Monday, March 2, 2009

North Korea

I have tried to understand what it is that Kim Jong Il wants. and I really don’t have much of an intuition. Besides the strategic/tactical moves and positioning there is a psychological dimension. I imagine a man overly dominated by his father Kim Il Sung. He never had a chance to accomplish any thing on his own before taking over the North Korea business. So he is there like some other folks inherit a few billions from their daddy. He has to keep the store alive, no matter what, but does not seem to have anything new to ad or create.
I think he is craving for some type of recognition. Nobody wants to talk to him directly and the perpetual fight about his darling bombs reinforces his paranoia. Actually all he wants is for his daddy to tell him: “ Son, you are doing a good job” .
Short of that, direct contact with heads of states would probably soften his stand. He would finally be able to look at himself in the mirror. As a matter of fact, if I recall correctly, when Clinton’s secretary of state visited with him we got further that we ever did. To tell that he belonged to the ax of evil certainly was not a clever thing to do.

Will somebody take the poor bastard to lunch ?

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