Friday, April 9, 2010

The minarets thing

So, by referendum, the Swiss peoples voted that they did not want the construction of minarets in their country. The conclusion from everybody especially Muslim countries is that the Swiss are hateful anti-Muslims.
I am not sure that’s exactly what it means. The Swiss are a most civilized and quite people but they just like their country the way it is. Thank you very much. They don’t mind if folks are Muslim, Buddhists, Hindus or worshipers of the great chocolate doughnut in the sky. The same way they could not care or less if you are gay, straight or anything in between.
They just don’t like to have things put IN THEIR FACE. They like discretion and they don’t like things extraordinary. A slim pointed tower like a minaret is extraordinary and is not consistent with the local environment.
This does not stop at all the construction of mosques. By the way there are 4 minarets in Switzerland and this purportedly is the largest number per sq. kilometer in all western countries..

On the other hand, what if they were a little defensive?

“ Minarets are our bayonets” says Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, Turkish prime minister

December 8th, 2009 AFP Oujda, Morocco
Five foreigners were ex pulsed from Morocco Saturday for “unannounced meeting and evangelical proselytism” according to the police of Oujda (north-east of Morocco).

Morocco is supposed to be the most reasonable Muslim country..

Here is what Dalla Al-Moufti, a courageous journalist at Al-Quabas, a Kuweit newspaper says about the Swiss minarets:

“The world was agitated after the vote against the construction of minarets.
As usual our dear deputies (of Kuweit) had their part at showing how offended they were by the results of the vote(…) I don’t know why our deputies forget liberty and laity in our country, and remember about it only when talking about occidental countries. Why do we have the right to forbid, annul, or black list when others cannot do it? Why can we insult, abuse or preach ill for all persons who do not belong to our religion and if one of them complains do we stiffen our stand?
A question is asked? Did you forget that the sound of church bells is forbidden in Koweit ? Did you forget that campaigns against unbelievers pass and continue to perpetuate against Christians in the press, every month of December? Have you forgotten the laws forbidding the construction of churches in some Arab countries? Have you forgotten the call on Friday in our mosques who pray god for their dismantling ? Have you forgotten the Fatwas which forbid to give Christmas wishes? Have you forgotten the law forbidding naturalization of non-Muslims Which we are proud to having been the first to put in effect?

We can read on a regular basis stories about Christian being murdered in various parts of the world just for being Christians. Why does not any government, US, French, British or whatever say anything officially? Is it because things happen generally in places where we purchase oil, is it because politicians don’t give a shit besides things that will get them reelected? A combination of both?

I am not asking to treat Muslims as bad as some Muslims treat Christians but l don’t think the Swiss should apologize for their way of life.

Compare the decision of the Swiss with the behavior of most Muslim countries and be fair.

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